Release Notes - MediaPortal 1 - Version 1.18.100 - HTML format


  • [MP1-4876] - MyVideo View Handler: Sort by Date work only for recently wathed, added views
  • [MP1-4877] - Add support for window.isvisible function to include condition
  • [MP1-4892] - Using TV Closed Captions (CC) can cause MP to hang after skipping/seeking in file
  • [MP1-4897] - TsReader is crashing with MPEG2 TV stream

New Feature

  • [MP1-4715] - Autosize ability for Label and FadeLabel and Button
  • [MP1-4781] - Adding madVR support


  • [MP1-4901] - Bump Version and set Log Level to DEBUG For MP 1.19.0 Pre Release
  • [MP1-4908] - Fix for source directory with spaces


  • [MP1-4879] - Add indexes to Picture database
  • [MP1-4889] - Update libbluray to 1.0.2 and freetype + fork your own repository
  • [MP1-4893] - Add ctimespan, cdate, ctimespan with format, string.length functions to skin engine.
  • [MP1-4894] - Codec not saved with default value if not going in each tab
  • [MP1-4895] - Add new controls in VideoInfo
  • [MP1-4896] - Added CSCore volume control management
  • [MP1-4898] - increase the size of the MPAAText field in configurator
  • [MP1-4899] - Resume skin function sysrem.idletime

Documentation Sub-Task

  • [MP1-4900] - Documentation for "Resume skin function sysrem.idletime"

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