Release Notes - MediaPortal 1 - Version 1.17.100 - HTML format


  • [MP1-4870] - TsReader RTSP request timeout is too short in some situations
  • [MP1-4878] - MP Removing TV Channels when select edit recording in EPG
  • [MP1-4883] - File deletion in "Videos" fails when file is playing
  • [MP1-4884] - DPI Awareness OS change
  • [MP1-4887] - Optimize rendering time in BasicHome
  • [MP1-4888] - Virtual folders are case sensitive

New Feature

  • [MP1-4864] - Keep Separate Sort Orders for Scheduled Recordings and Scheduled Series
  • [MP1-4882] - Bulk-Delete TV Recordings


  • [MP1-4886] - Bump version number and set debug level to DEBUG for MP 1.18 Pre Release


  • [MP1-4770] - Add PowerOff events to InputHandler mapping ...
  • [MP1-4771] - proper OS detection and some more system information
  • [MP1-4880] - TsReader bug fixes and compilation warning cleanup
  • [MP1-4881] - Audio render not update on graph building

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