Release Notes - MediaPortal 1 - Version 1.15.100 - HTML format


  • [MP1-3120] - Some AAC audio from IPTV streams does not play using TsReader with LAV audio decoder
  • [MP1-4423] - Memory leak in BASS Player
  • [MP1-4801] - TsReader does not handle zero length files correctly.
  • [MP1-4807] - Avoid stuttering while watching LiveTV when pressing 'Y' key to show TV OSD information
  • [MP1-4808] - MP crash when go to inaccessible folder in MyVideo shared view
  • [MP1-4811] - MiniDisplay superfluous hyphen
  • [MP1-4812] - Tagreader ignores Opus files
  • [MP1-4813] - Update Taglib-Sharp to
  • [MP1-4822] - Deselection Not Honoured During Installation
  • [MP1-4823] - Insulting Text on "Install Completed" Panel
  • [MP1-4824] - EXIT Button On "Install Completed" Panel Does Not Exit
  • [MP1-4825] - "MP" and "MP Config" Can Run Simultaneously
  • [MP1-4827] - Backup keymap.xml on upgrade
  • [MP1-4832] - fix culture info issue

New Feature

  • [MP1-4781] - Adding madVR support
  • [MP1-4782] - Adding BD-J support
  • [MP1-4791] - FEAT-Upgrade_MP1_solutions_to_be_able_to_compile_with_Visual_Studio_2015
  • [MP1-4795] - Add keyboard support to HID handler
  • [MP1-4819] - Added event to set GUI properties (for plugin) (SetGuiPropertiesUpdate)
  • [MP1-4826] - Add Ares to MP repo
  • [MP1-4828] - Extend Minitvguide with now and next program start time


  • [MP1-4817] - Bump version number and set debug level to DEBUG for MP 1.16 Pre Release


  • [MP1-4761] - Add additional fields in the MyVideo database and IMDBMovie class. For skin engine, grabbers and GUI
  • [MP1-4778] - MyVideo: Add ability to redownload current cover and missing covers
  • [MP1-4799] - Adding new TvPlugin Properties
  • [MP1-4800] - Include Watchdog to TV installation when used alone.
  • [MP1-4809] - Crash fix on GUIVolumeOverlay
  • [MP1-4810] - Auto cancel old program notifications
  • [MP1-4815] - Mediaportal Audio renderer update
  • [MP1-4816] - Merge TsReader, TsWriter, Live555 and HEVC upgrade changes

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