Release Notes - MediaPortal 1 - Version 1.7.1 - HTML format


  • [MP1-2564] - Background music to slide show or video to music can hang MP/wrong behaviour
  • [MP1-4428] - MP and Configuration Crash after ONLY BassBox visualisations are installed
  • [MP1-4435] - Default Music share Layout 'Album' is obsolete and causes freezes and other issues.
  • [MP1-4436] - Remove INIT Flags for BassBox and Sonique BASSVIS_EXEC is no longer necessary.
  • [MP1-4437] - Incorrect BassASIO library
  • [MP1-4440] - Bump Bass.Net SubsystemVersion


  • [MP1-4441] - Bump version number for MP 1.7.1 HotFix

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