Release Notes - MediaPortal 2 - Version 2.3.1 - HTML format


  • [MP2-809] - Selecting a video as 'Background video' in Skin settings has no effect
  • [MP2-818] - OSD Record menu empty if no EPG data available
  • [MP2-839] - Issue in user Managmenet (dublicated series and wrongly assigned seasons)
  • [MP2-843] - Revert the switch to SharpFont due to introduced dependency to VC 120 redists
  • [MP2-845] - Program actions dialog not working properly in FullEPG of Nereus skin
  • [MP2-847] - Scheduled recordings are not shown in extendedschedule screen
  • [MP2-848] - WiFiRemote can cause unhandled exception when closing client
  • [MP2-849] - Album artists not shown in album filter view
  • [MP2-850] - Disc number not correctly shown in track details of total number os discs not tagged
  • [MP2-851] - Misaligned watched flags in cover views
  • [MP2-852] - Non-functional SMS style imput in media screen


  • [MP2-840] - Nereus: Add setting to allow loop scrolling in menus and lists
  • [MP2-842] - Recording screen in WMC skin is not opening
  • [MP2-844] - Bring back FanArtOpacity setting for Nereus skin
  • [MP2-846] - Make media description in info screens scrollable
  • [MP2-853] - Remove DX9 as installation requirement
  • [MP2-854] - Hide wrong progress bar, if no program information available

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