Release Notes - MediaPortal 2 - Version 2.2.2 - HTML format


  • [MP2-721] - FullGuide displays info from previous screen
  • [MP2-767] - Deleting a currently recording episode removes the complete Daily/Weekly schedule
  • [MP2-786] - Cannot play playlist with >=1000 entries
  • [MP2-796] - LastAdded Recordings cannot be directly played from home screen
  • [MP2-799] - Manual daily recording schedule not possible if start time earlier than current
  • [MP2-802] - Ensure, that TV settings are available in all TV related screens
  • [MP2-806] - Add skipping and resuming when playing recorded radio
  • [MP2-810] - No manual schedules recordings are shown in timer list
  • [MP2-811] - Forced client wake-up at 2:00

New Feature

  • [MP2-781] - Enable one-click deletion of grouped TV recordings


  • [MP2-345] - Hide button "Add all to playlist" if no items are displayed
  • [MP2-808] - Upgrade LAV to 0.74.1

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