Release Notes - MediaPortal 2 - Version 2.1.3 - HTML format


  • [MP2-680] - Active recordings can't be deleted
  • [MP2-688] - Mini EPG displays no info for selected item
  • [MP2-713] - Program genre is not available in client
  • [MP2-714] - SlimTv channel cache is not thread safe
  • [MP2-716] - TE/Mini-EPG: "Next Program" info missing
  • [MP2-717] - Localized keyboard layouts are not working correctly
  • [MP2-718] - OSD appears on mouse movement in background while MiniEPG is open
  • [MP2-723] - EPG could sometimes lead to a crash


  • [MP2-719] - Update TsReader to
  • [MP2-720] - Update to v1001
  • [MP2-722] - Single channel guide should show more programs

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