Release Notes - MediaPortal 2 - Version 2.1.1 - HTML format


  • [MP2-417] - Weather refresh runs endlessly if network connection gets lost
  • [MP2-553] - API wrapper languages are not updated from settings
  • [MP2-617] - TV recording xml files not removed when deleting TV shows
  • [MP2-635] - Focus frame is on Home Button, when pressing "Currently Playing" button
  • [MP2-645] - 14:9 zoom mode is not correctly scaling
  • [MP2-652] - Series filter: Wrong menu entry
  • [MP2-654] - ZipResourceProvider throws errors with movie zip files
  • [MP2-655] - No end of HTTP marker found
  • [MP2-656] - Dokan: Mount point not correctly released
  • [MP2-664] - Switching channels via Channel Up/Down is taking excessively long
  • [MP2-665] - BV Menu tiles not always restored when returning to main level
  • [MP2-671] - Recordings duration is not updated after recording end
  • [MP2-674] - Missing mute functionality in WASAPI mode
  • [MP2-677] - Skin settings visibility is sometimes incorrect
  • [MP2-678] - No helper text for "Search programs"

New Feature

  • [MP2-597] - Extend 'delete media item' by an additional confirmation
  • [MP2-608] - Add Possibility to Schedule Recordings by Channel/Time
  • [MP2-624] - Display resume time when resuming a video
  • [MP2-666] - TV Mini-guide: channel group change with arrow left/right


  • [MP2-349] - Improve installation experience
  • [MP2-394] - Entering audio section in MP2 Client executes same SQL query on MP2 server twice
  • [MP2-612] - Add Windows Event Logs to LogCollector Files
  • [MP2-657] - Make Date/Time formatting in TV Guide more flexible
  • [MP2-659] - Remove OMDB as online source
  • [MP2-660] - Add support for changing TV channel logo styles
  • [MP2-663] - Add Speed Indicator for FastForward/Rewind
  • [MP2-668] - Auto fixup TVE server IP address on service startup
  • [MP2-676] - Hide home menu editor on unsupported skins

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